Friday, August 26, 2011

Figurine: Ghost Knight

In addition to finishing another CD review, I also finished painting another figure this afternoon - the much promised ghost knight.

I know what you're wondering - 'Is he a knight that has become a ghost, or is he a ghost that somewhere after entering a state of undeath got knighted. Whichever it is, here he is:
I imagine he was some long forgotten tyrant who died on a battlefield and now returns to haunt the living because he can't accept his own defeat (I like a good back story - it keeps me young).

This is one of those figures that is very easy to paint (the only real colours on it are purple and black) and easy to make look good. The movement is all there, and it just takes some patience and highlighting to bring it out. Here he is from the back:

And here is an oblique view, where you can see his helmet detail a bit better. Wait a he starting to turn this way?

Oh my God - he's coming right at me!

This "he's coming right at me!' moment has been brought to you by A Creative Maelstrom. I hope that combined with the Black Mountain album cover below you have not found today's blog postings too frightening.

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