Monday, August 8, 2011

Figurine: Dryad

If you've tuned in to another exciting installment of the CD Odyssey...scroll down. But before you do, maybe I can interest you in some natural beauty!

Yes, I've finished another figurine, and as the blog header states, there will be occasional miniatures on this music blog. This one is my most recently painted - a dryad.

For those of you who don't know, a dryad is a forest spirit - a custodians of the forest in classical myth:
As you can see, unlike more modern custodians, dryads don't wear overalls with their name stitched over one breast. In art they are often depicted naked, or in some sort of toga or flowing robe. This dryad is dressed in the leaves of the forest itself.

It was fun painting this figure, although a bit painstaking in places. I repainted her eyes three times and I'm still not happy. I also redid her mouth, but only when I realized red lipstick didn't work with her complexion. Heavens! I went instead with this nice shade of light purple, which matches some of the flowers I've put in her hair and hand.

Her hair is a mix of green and yellow, as I wanted to make her seem a little otherworldly, and tinting her skin would've just made her creepy, or jaundiced. Here she is from the back:
Tasteful, but definitely sexy. This is one forest warden anyone would be lucky to run into, but sadly for you dear reader they are notoriously hard to find these days. You'll have to settle for this halting and imperfect artistic rendition.

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