Sunday, March 28, 2010

Figurine: Half-Elf Bard and the Blackhearts

After painting that Lord of Chaos figure, it was a relief to get a regular sized figure for a change. This one is a half-elf bard. Because her guitar looked so rock n' roll, I was inspired to do her like a famous female guitar player. It came down to Lita Ford, Liz Phair and Joan Jett.

Lita's hair was too poofy to look right on this figure, and Liz's guitar was too boring to paint - so I went with Joan Jett, which sort of inspired me from there. Note the funky backdrop - that's a picture of Jett's actual guitar!

She is a total babe - even has a 'misplaced' lock of hair across her face. Here she is from behind:

And here's a shot of her with a backdrop of the picture I used for inspiration.
This figure was frustrating in places, and what should have been a relatively simple piece ended up with a lot of touch-ups and do-overs, but I think she turned out OK.

Next up - an owl! That's right, just a plain old owl. I hope it turns out better than the prairie falcon I painted a while back.

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