Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lich Lord

After being hung up for some time, I finally was able to finish painting something other than the walls of our condo this last weekend. Here is my latest - he is a lich lord:

I think I did pretty well on this guy, but he was harder than I expected. Getting the bandages right was difficult - even after I tried to steal some of Sheila's better techniques.

I like the way his sword turned out. I imagine it as some kind of ancient artifact, crafted from the bones of a demon - or something equally creepy. Here he is from behind - check out the crazy-assed skull and bones of some creature he has mounted to his back.

How does that thing stay on his back, you ask? Foul magicks, my friend. The kind so foul, you need a 'k' to spell them correctly.

As always, I like a back story to what I paint. In this guy's case, I imagine he was an ancient bronze age king (note the bronze armour) who has only recently risen from the grave.

He finds a medieval world that is unfamiliar to him. Naturally, he immediately decides to recreate this new world into the savage one he first ruled over in the early mists of time.

Something like that.

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Sheila said...

That is very cool. I love your description of him.