Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CD Odyssey Disc 24: Enya

Uh oh. This is embarassing. The randomness of the dice are going to make everyone think I am a huge fan of Enya, instead of the small, long ago fan that I am....

Disc 24 is...A Day Without Rain

Artist: Enya

Year of Release: 2000

How I Came To Know It: In my last Enya album review from Disc 11, I defended myself by saying I was sucked in like everyone else by Orinoco Flow. Well, 12 years later, here is another Enya album, but with no convenient excuse. I still liked her, and the single "Only Time" drew me back in just when I thought I was out. Like the Godfather, only not cool.

How It Stacks Up: I still own 5 Enya albums. I thought going in this would rank at the bottom but it is OK. I guess it is at the bottom, but not much separates it from Watermark.

Rating: 2 stars with a thumbs up.

This is the second time I went into an Enya review hoping to hate it, but actually deciding that I enjoyed it (only not too loud, and not at stop lights).

Enya has a real soothing sound, and this album is just like that. The songs don't really go anywhere - kind of like techno music, except they are mercifully only 3 minutes long, and I don't hate them. They are just a little mood slice, sometimes in English, sometimes in Welsh and sometimes I think she just goes "aaahhh" or hums.

This album has an annoying quality that some artists think is nifty - not capitalizing song titles. If it wasn't cool for E.E. Cummings (take that E.E.) it isn't cool for you. Please stop that, and use your letters - and do it properly!

So, anyway - A Day Without Rain is is a bit flaky, but I like it anyway. I don't pull it out much, but I think I'll inflict it on the Tuesday night crowd coming over tonight. Hey - it is only 1 of 5 discs - toughen up!

Best tracks: Wild Child, Only Time, Cleora Ar Mo Chroi

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