Thursday, August 6, 2009

CD Odyssey Disc 17: Honeymoon In Vegas

Today's foray into the CD Odyssey turns up a bit of a stinker.

Disc 17 is...Honeymoon in Vegas Soundtrack
Artist: Various Artists

Year of Release: 1992

How I Came To Know It: It is a soundtrack, so I must've found it through the movie, but the details are lost in the mists of time. I think Sheila introduced me to the movie years after its release. She owned it on VHS - a format almost as good as BETA!

How It Stacks Up: I have about 23 soundtrack compilations - this one is low on that totem pole - definitely bottom 5.

Rating: 2 stars with a thumbs down.

I really like the movie "Honeymoon in Vegas". If you don't remember the one - it is a romantic comedy starring Nick Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker (from before Sex and the City made her famous).

Cage is this guy who can't commit. One night, he meets a wealthy gambler (James Caan) who tricks Cage into betting a date with Parker during a poker game. Cage loses the bet of course, and Caan whisks her off to Hawaii. Cage realizes how much he loves her and decides to fight for her. So basically, it is a totally original rom-com, since that device has never been done before or since.

OK - maybe it is fairly by the book but 1) it does it well 2) it has flying elvii and 3) I am a sucker for rom-coms. Yeah - you heard me right, punchy!

Anyway - the soundtrack is all modern (at the time) acts doing Elvis covers. It is a great idea, but it fails in one basic way - the covers mostly suck. Also, I'm not a huge Elvis fan in the first place (apologies to my Mom, who can still remember where she was "the day Elvis died.")

I would've dumped this record long ago, but it has a great remake of "Suspicious Minds" by Dwight Yoakam with this kick ass guitar riff in it. This song is so good, it means I have to keep the album. I have this "rule" that I can't just upload a couple of good songs and discard the album. When I discard an album, it is well and truly dead to me. And this one track has saved this album for years.

"Blue Hawaii" by Willie Nelson and "Devil in Disguise" by Tricia Yearwood are also fairly good, but the other 10 tracks are average to awful. Worst of all is John Cougar Mellencamp doing a version of "Jailhouse Rock" that takes all the rock right out of it. I am reminded once again how JCM is the lame version of Springsteen. If you like JCM, then go buy Springsteen albums. It will ruin JCM for you, but that is a good thing.

So - don't buy this album. If you are adept at downloading music, pay $2 and download the Yoakam version of Suspicious Minds. Or, you could just go rent the movie - you could probably get it for seven days cheap, and it is way better than the music in it.

Best tracks: Suspicious Minds

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Sheila said...

I would dump this album. It's not that great.

And I caught some of the movie on TV the other day - it's not that great either.