Saturday, March 5, 2016

Figurine: Dwarven Gyrocopter

If you read the byline to the blog's title you'll see it is not just music - it is also the occasional painted miniature.

I don't pursue this hobby much anymore, as most of my spare time goes to writing my book. As a result these posts have gone from occasional to rare. With that said, here's my latest - a dwarven gyrocopter:
 This is one of those figures that takes forever to paint, with all kinds of finicky little details that look great when they are done, but aren't very much fun in the doing.

Here's a shot of our helicopter pilot. I decorated the base with model railroad bushes and rocks to make it look more authentic.
Here he is from the other side:
And here are the blades of the 'copter. I tried to capture the feel of yellowed fabric stitched to a steel frame and I think it works to some degree.
And that's about it. We now return you to your regularly scheduled music review programming.

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